3 clown monty

The 3 Clown Monty is one of many popular arcade games that are now available on home gaming systems and online at various sites. Many people have found this to be a decent game, but there are others who say it is a poor quality game. So what is it about?

In the classic version of the 3 Clown Monty, a small boy stands on a blue background, spins round once, and falls off the top of a multi-tiered cake. In the newer version, the theme is changed to give an actual game atmosphere, with a blue background. The objective is still the same: spin the reels to make a circle, but in this version, the child must win before falling off the top of the cake. As simple as slot machines come, you still have to land 3, 4 or even 5 matching symbols on the corresponding reels and in any of the 10 vertical paylines. You also get to select one of many backgrounds (and even a logo) by selecting “olor”, “theme” or “screen set”.

This means that the object is not so much to get to the center as it is to keep spinning so that you can collect the maximum number of coins (which increases your chance of earning extra money, which can then be used to purchase presents for the rest of the players in your group). If you think this sounds easy, you'd be mistaken. The actual skill required to play the 3 clown money slot machine is quite challenging. For instance, if you play the reels without selecting a picture to use as your background, the results will be very random. That is why it is important to explore all the options available when playing slots, and to select the best one for each individual player.

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