The Hammerfall online slot is an online and desktop casino game based around a Swedish power Metal band and their song ‘Conquer'. It is actually one of several rock themed slots available in their line and is developed by a local developer, Play'n Go.

Hammerfall plays out on a seven by seven grid of colorful icons, usually led by the lead guitarist icon, Hector. The music of this particular slot machine is composed of power metal songs which have gained popularity in the recent years.

Bonus Features. Although not a major feature of the game, there are some bonus features that you can unlock and use to improve your chances of winning with Hammerfall.

Unlocking the special effects that play when you hit an icon will dramatically improve the odds of your hitting a jackpot, and using the special effects will cause the music to play faster and using those will help you get through the slower gameplay.

Also, by using more than one icon while playing you increase the likelihood of hitting a jackpot as well. These are only a few of the many bonus features available with Hammerfall, and we'll be covering them in another article.

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