How to Cheat Online Casino Slots

Many punters have over the years wondered how they can outsmart online casino slots and win consistently whenever they play this game of chance. Some players are always searching for magic tips and tricks that can bring them big wins while other gamblers concentrate on deciphering and trying to understand how online slot machines operate. At first, this might seem impossible because the outcome of casino slots is usually determined by the random number generators (RNGs) that are regularly tested for fairness. Nonetheless, some players still believe they can rely on exceptional math or specific tools and not just luck to hit it big whenever they spin the reels.

Offline Cheats – Online Casino Slots

Casino Slots - Offline cheats

Unlike online casinos, cheating when playing slots is common in brick and mortar casinos. Most of these cheating methods were invented as soon as the slot machines were developed. Cheating gamblers made use of different gadgets to get better payouts, one such gadget was known as a monkey’s paw. However, while there were many techniques that earlier slots players tried to use to cheat the game, these techniques are not applicable today, mostly because the games are now computerized and casino operators already know that such techniques exist. This does not mean that today’s modern slot machines do not have their shortcomings, but it seems there are not proven tools to cheat the slot machines.


Casino Slots -software cheats

About online casino slots, cheating is much trickier. Moreover, there is no magic cheating technique that will guarantee huge payouts. With the whole wide web, you might come across some programs that promise to cheat casino slots. For example, some programs exist that promise to trick the slot machine in offering you more casino bonuses. You will be much better off avoiding such software without paying attention to everything they promise. This is because most of them are just developed to deceive unsuspecting players and make money from them.


PRNG is used to program all slot titles, and this is what determines the outcome of every spin. When it comes to online casinos, these PRNGs are tested regularly by independent agencies such as eCOGRA to make sure they are not rigged in any way. Random number generators do not entirely rely on pre-defined algorithms; rather, it makes use of information gathered from the environment, for instance, from electromagnetic noises. However, the latter begins with the pre-defined values and integrates these with the inputs. There have been a few stories about how players have found bugs in the pseudo-random number generators (PRNGs) and made some money from them.

Practice Is Essential

While this may seem obvious, some players think playing casino games regularly doesn’t help. Practicing is important because it gives you a chance to create a winning betting strategy which suits your gambling strategy, this will give you a chance to make the most from playing online slots. Cheating when playing online slots is not possible, but there are a few things you can do to improve your winning chances.

Do Online Casinos Rig Slots?

The most important thing that you must always know when playing online is that licensed online casinos do not cheat their players. Online casino slots are not created to cheat gamblers. All casino slots are designed in such a way they have specific payout rates. After the payout rate has been set, the machine will payout at that particular rate regardless of what the casino or player does.

If you have any concerns regarding cheating, there are some things you can do to make sure that the slots machine is fair. You can start by checking the machines payout rates. The best thing is to ensure you only play at online slot casinos that are licensed and are fully committed to ensuring fairness and accuracy of their games. An online casino will not risk losing their license or certification by cheating players.

This is something that every player ought to look out for before they can choose to play at an online casino. Keep checking to make sure that the casino you want to join is fully licensed and regulated by an independent authority. Also, reading honest casino reviews can greatly help you know whether the casino site where you want to play is legitimate and reliable.

Enjoy Playing Casino Slots

The ability to cheat when playing casino slots were eliminated by the invention of video gaming and effective computer software’s. The only possible way a player can cheat when playing casino slots online is through cyber-attacks where the player hacks the computer controlling the online slots. While there are possibilities that can happen, the chance of you successfully cheating when playing real money online slots is next to impossible. Such efforts would demand lots of combinations which are only possible in movies.

On the other hand, any reliable and trustworthy casino, whether online or land-based will not gain anything by cheating its players. This is because the casino has so many things to lose including their license, a ruined reputation, negative reviews and ultimately all their customers which will essentially push them out of the business. If casino slots were in any way rigged at an online casino, the gambling site might end up losing many players and huge amounts of profits in the long term. With so much to lose, it doesn’t make sense for an online casino to risk so much including ruining their reputation just so they can make some little profit.


Online casino slots are the most popular casino game of all time and no casino will ever risk its capacity to make huge profits from such a game by contemplating cheating their players. Moreover, you should never be duped into thinking that there is any system or strategy that can ever help you cheat when playing online slots. Online slots are a game based on pure luck and one that is designed to only generate unpredictable outcomes.

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